Regional Fire handles all types of fires in our coverage area. We respond
to: structure fires, vehicle fires, trash fires, and brush fires. We work
closely with our neighboring Fire Departments who assist us with Mutual
Aid when needed. The departments we work with are: Casa Grande Fire, Coolidge Fire, Gila River Fire, Eloy Fire, Arizona City Fire, and Florence


Regional Fire strives to provide the highest quality of emergency medical
service with our highly trained professional Paramedics and Emergency
Medical Technicians. We provide this service as a first responder, and we
do not transport patients to the hospital. If you require transportation,
Southwest Ambulance is our transporting agency.Free blood pressure
checks are available at fire station 586.


Regional Fire has several firefighters who are professionally trained,
certified wildland firefighters who are ready to be dispatched at any
given time of the day or night. Our wildland firefighters can be sent to
any fire scene, anywhere. These individuals are extremely physically fit,
and can spend weeks at a time of the fire scene.


Regional Fire has highly trained firefighters that conduct special services
such as: technical rope rescues, hazardous materials, and fire
investigations to name a few. Some other services we provide to our
subscribers are: home and vehicle lock-out assistance, snakes and
Africanized Bee removal, fire safety evaluations, fire prevention, and
CPR/First Aid training.

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