Regional Fire & Rescue Department, Inc., proudly serves roughly 8,000 people living in an area of 96 square miles. We operate out of one station that protects a primarily rural area. Our fire department is not tax-funded. We are funded by individual home & business owner subscribers who pay an annual fee for fire department service (fire protection) based upon under-roof square footage of their home or business and outbuildings, garages, etc. Other than the typical services the fire departments generally provide, we provide our Subscribers with Home or Vehicle Lock-out assistance, Snake and Africanized Bee Removal, fire-safety evaluations of homes or businesses, and CPR/First Aid training. Our personnel are on paid hourly, or per call status.

Regional Fire & Rescue Dept. is a subscription based non-profit fire company which serves primarily Rural-Residential, and light Commercial areas within Central, and expanding to Hopi Hills and Eleven Mile Corner areas. This will expand our ISO rating of 6/8B to those residents subscribing within a 5 mile radius of these new locations.

Our Staff includes our Founder and Fire Chief Steven W. Kerber and the Vice President of Finance & Administration Tess Kerber. They are assisted by a volunteer staff consisting of Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal Andy Hernandez (fire prevention), and support service volunteers; Department Chaplain Keith Bagby and Lee & Kolleen Apger. Four Full-time firefighter positions consists of A-Shift & B-Shift Captain or Lieutenant, and one Firefighter/EMT on each 24 hour shift. This does not include rotating (paid-per-call) Reserve Firefighters working two 24 hour shifts per month, and filling occasional shift vacancies.

We serve an area of 96 square miles in our first due however, we also respond at the request of the Arizona Highway Patrol (DPS) to Interstate-10 from MP 185 to 192 near Casa Grande, and areas of Interstate-8 from MP 172 half way to Gila Bend, Arizona (MP 150). Interstate-8 responses half-way to Gila Bend are not included within our 96 square mile response area. All tolled, including portions of Highways 84, 87, 287, 387, we cover just under 100 miles of Arizona State Highways and Interstate. Also within our first due area, we have the potential for incidents involving several miles of Railroad, and this includes several miles of Natural Gas Pipeline from El Paso Natural Gas Co., as well as the Southwest Gas Company and the Kinder-Morgan (fuel) pipeline on their easement.

Apparatus serving Unincorporated Pinal County


2004 International KME Pumper/
Engine, 1,250 GPM/750 Gallon
Water Tank with 60 Gal. Capacity
Type-A Foam. Engine 586 is our
primary responding engine.

1995 Pierce Dash Pumper, 1,250
GPM/750 Gallon Water Tank with
Type A & B Foam. Engine 586 is
our secondary responding engine.


2015 Kenworth T-470 Water Tender/
Pumper, 1,000 GPM/3,500 Gallon
water tank with Type A Foam.
T586 is a primary responding
water tender that responds to
multiple types of incidents,
including wildland.


1996 Freightliner FL-70 Water
Tender/Pumper, 500 GPM/2,000
Gallon Water Tank with Type A
Foam. T587 is a secondary water
tender that responds to multiple
types of incidents, including wildland.


1999 Ford F-550 XLT 4X4, 150
GPM/400 Gallon Water Tank with
Type A Foam. BR586 responds to
brush/vehicle fires, & EMS/Rescue
incidents including quick response
to Interstate 8.


2000 Ford F-750 formerly from SW
Gas Co, a Special Operations,
Highway Response Vehicle with a
120,000 Lumen LED Light tower, 150
GPM/500 Gallon Tank with a rear
mounted pump.

Staff Vehicle

2011 Ford Crown Victoria. This
vehicle serves as the Fire
Administration's unit, responding
to a variety of emergency calls.


2008 Ford Crown Victoria. This
vehicle serves as the Fire Chief's
primary unit, responding to a variety
of calls.

Scene Support-586

This vehicle is serves as our general
support service vehicle for major
incidents. Support Services
Volunteers respond who provide the
Light Tower at our scenes at night,
and Rehabilitation of our firefighters
with water, Gatorade, and chairs or
shade as needed.

Emergency Light Tower

2012 Magnum Diesel Light Tower,
440,000 Lumen of Light Power for
additional light at our Fire and
Accident scenes, or assisting local
Law Enforcement. Other Agencies in
need, please Contact our Alarm Room
for assistance with this unit at

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